Existing YCS Credit Repair Clients

After signing up for credit restoration services through Your Credit Specialists, you become part of the family of thousands who have taken the same journey to improve their credit rating through the trusted YCS Credit Repair Process. At any time during the process, we encourage you to contact our local customer service department for an update on your account status. We are always here to answer any questions you may have.

Account Status and Updates

As you work with our team to improve your credit score, there may be times where you have questions about your account. Many times, the most common questions can be answered in our FAQ section. If you do not find the answer you were looking for, we encourage you to contact us through our Contact page, or through the custom form on the right side of this page. We are always available to answer your emails or phone calls and look forward to providing you impeccable service.

Your account will go through many different stages as we work to repair your credit score to its maximum potential. Some months may see more significant increases or changes. Our job is to set the right expectation and help you understand the long-term nature of our credit restoration process. If at any time you want an update on the status of your account, please enter the appropriate information into the form to the right, and we will contact you at your requested convenience.

Credit Scoring Models

Along with a better understanding of your individual account, we try to provide an explanation of what factors are contributing to your specific credit situation. To read more about Credit Scoring Models and how they affect the credit repair process, please navigate to our “Credit Scores” page. As always, please contact us immediately with any questions.