National Credit Care works to build relationships with Mortgage Brokers and Lending Professionals all over the United States. Our goal is to provide a high quality option for lenders and brokers to send clients in need of credit repair for bad credit mortgage loan approval. In times of economic turmoil, it can be difficult to sustain a high approval rate of loans to your potential clients. Let our mortgage credit repair solutions help increase the number of loans approved by your company.

bad credit mortgage


As a mortgage company working with National Credit Care, we empower your business to provide potential clients a level of service that goes beyond “approved” or “denied”. If and when a client is denied for a home loan, your company can offer enrollment into NCC’s credit repair program for bad credit mortgage loans, and help them reach their goal of becoming a home owner. Do not let potential clients leave your office without a solution for their future.


As a Mortgage Broker or Lending Professional, earning new clients is a difficult task. Especially when credit restrictions and government regulations are an ever growing burden to those in need of bad credit mortgage loans. Having a backup plan to earn and keep new business is a no-brainer. Working with National Credit Care gives your company and your clients the flexibility and convenience of a professional mortgage credit repair company without the hassle of managing the complex process.

bad credit mortgage


Our goal is to work closely with your company to speed up the approval process for individuals with poor credit. By letting our professional consultants handle the tedious work of analyzing credit reports, talking directly to creditors, working with the credit bureaus, fixing errors and inaccuracies, etc., you can focus on your business and client relationships. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with NCC for professional mortgage credit repair services, and learn how to close more loans today!

bad credit mortgage